People come to Hypnotherapy for a variety of reasons. Usually, it is because they have some level of pain or difficulty in their life that they would like to change. Sometimes, it is simply to make an already wonderful life even better. For instance, the golfer that wants to improve their swing can benefit from using hypnosis to skill rehearse their sport and improve their game. Another person may have many wonderful blessings in their life including friends and family, but they just can't quite figure out why they are so unhappy in their career. Still another, may have issues from childhood that just seem to keep holding them back from having a satisfying relationship. All these reasons and many more are excellent reasons to pursue Hypnotherapy.


By accessing the unconscious which controls most of our behavior, change can be immediate and permanent. The process is a true collaboration between the therapist and client with the client always being supported to discover their own truths and answers. This is not at all like something in books or movies with the therapist "programming" information or instructions into the client. In fact, usually most people are surprised at how natural the whole experience feels. Hypnosis can never make someone do something that is against their moral code.



 One Session (1 hour - full 60 minutes)     $125
 One Session (90 minutes)$165


Skype sessions payment is due before the session.

Sliding scale available with financial need.

I do not take insurance.



Susy J. Nayak, Ph.D.

Hypnotherapy & EFT