Emotional Freedom technique (EFT)



Hypnotherapy & EFT

Susy J. Nayak, Ph.D.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience frequently. Hypnosis is characterized by deep relaxation and focus. You may have found yourself deeply engrossed in a TV program and completely lost awareness of what was going on around you. At other times, you may have found yourself "lost" in a daydream. Someone may have asked "Where are you?" Then, you found yourself back in the moment fully aware. These are examples of Hypnosis or trance that occur quite naturally and just like therapeutic Hypnosis you are awake, in control, and easily able to come back to conscious awareness.

Hypnotherapy is cultivating a hypnotic state through imagery and guided relaxation techniques with the help of a trained therapist. With guidance, you will be able to reach a deeply relaxed state with more access to your unconscious than you have with your regular waking awareness. When working with a Hypnotherapist, you will be talking and answering questions while in this deeply relaxed state. Hypnotherapy can be very effective and transformational for many issues because you are in more direct contact with your unconscious which is often where we find source of our problems and healing for the pain.


EFT is an incredibly quick and easy technique to deal with all kinds of emotional and physical problems. It involves tapping with your fingers on different points on your body while naming the problem, offering acceptance, and clearing it from your body. I came to EFT like many people with a level of skepticism that it would not work. It seemed too simple and too good to be true, but I have been amazed over and over again to find life changing results. It is a wonderful technique because it combines the body (acupressure points) with modern psychology for healing.