Hypnotherapy & EFT

Susy J. Nayak, Ph.D.

About Susy J. Nayak, Ph.D.

Doctorate in Psychology
Clinical Hypnotherapist

I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal
Psychology (now Sofia University) in Palo Alto, CA.
In addition to my
Psychotherapy training, I also have training in the Enneagram (personality system) and Dreamwork. I have completed 1000 supervised clinical hours in Psychotherapy. Although I have an extensive background in Psychotherapy that informs my work, the work I offer is Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I received my training from HCH Hypnotherapy School in Lafayette, CA. In addition to completing the 200 hour
training to become a Certified Hypnotherapist, I became a Certified
Clinical Hypnotherapist by completing a 6 month supervised internship at
the HCH hypnotherapy clinic.
I have also taken advanced courses in Hypnotherapy for Past Life therapy, Spirit Releasement, and Ericksonian techniques. 

About my work

Hypnotherapy utilizes a deeply relaxed and focused state of consciousness. You are aware and in control when in Hypnosis and have probably experienced this state many times without calling it "Hypnosis". Daydreaming or being so engrossed in a TV show that you are not aware of what is going on around you would be examples of the hypnotic state. During Hypnotherapy, we utilize the hypnotic state to gain greater access to the unconscious. Hypnotherapy differs from just listening to a Hypnosis tape or stage Hypnosis in that the client is talking and answering questions and doing "therapy" while in the Hypnotic state of consciousness.

My style of Hypnotherapy would be labeled empowerment Hypnotherapy. The client's inner knowing and wisdom is uncovered and revealed through allowing the process to unfold by open-ended questioning. The client is empowered by their own self-healing and learning. For example, the client is asked questions to reveal what they are experiencing rather than the therapist telling them what to experience. Also, the client is encouraged to learn the techniques so that they can use them in their everyday life for greater access to self-healing.

Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are extremely effective when working with fears or anxiety, pain management or illness, stress, life changes, healing the inner child, sleep problems, improving performance, creative problem solving, and changing habits or addictions like smoking and overeating.